Website and ordering system for Red Chilli's Penryn

  • Homepage web design for Red Chilli's Penryn Cornwall
  • Online ordering for Red Chilli's Penryn Cornwall

Red Chilli's Indian Takeaway approached us to design, build and implement a new mobile-friendly website and online ordering system for their restaurant in Penryn, Cornwall.

The Brief

It was essential that the website allowed customers to quickly and easily select their preferred dishes from the large selection on offer and pay via the website. The details of the order would then need to be sent directly to a printer at the restaurant, to allow it to be processed quickly and efficiently. 

Other requirements of the system included the ability to automatically check how far the customer lives from the restaurant, to establish whether or not they qualify for their order to be delivered to them, as well as the ability to automatically enable and disable the ordering system based upon the opening hours of the restaurant.

Our Solution

Our approach was to build the e-commerce website using Drupal, which we then extensively customised to meet the requirements of the brief. The ordering system automatically activates daily at 5.00pm (just as the restaurant opens), allowing customers to quickly search/filter the menu. They can then proceed through to the online checkout, which provides collection/delivery options as appropriate, based upon the customer's distance from the restaurant and the total monetary value of their order.

Upon receipt of payment, the order gets transmitted instantly via Google Cloud Print to a receipt printer at the restaurant (along with a copy sent via email) to allow it to be processed immediately.

We designed the site to be as user friendly as possible, with multiple ways of filtering and searching the available dishes on the websites, as well as being completely mobile-friendly.

The website provides a quick and easy alternative for the restaurant's many customers to place an order, and we continue to work closely with Red Chilli's to build upon it further.

Project Involvement