Website for Jon Udry

  • Responsive website design for Jon Udry
  • Web design for Jon Udry
  • Mobile view of responsive website
  • The blog design for Jon Udry

As part of his rebrand, internationally renowned juggler Jon Udry required a "slick and stylish" website design to allow him to effortlessly promote himself and his performances.

The solution we came up with was a full screen design which effectively utilises the impressive photography of Jon's performances, to create a distinctive and stylish design. Being a fully responsive website, its structure and content intelligently adjusts to whichever screen it is being viewed on, be it a widescreen monitor, laptop, tablet or smartphone to ensure the highest possible level of usability for visitors to the site.

The site is also fully Content Managed, which allows Jon to have complete control over all content on the website from the Gigs to the Videos and the Photo Galleries to the Testimonials.

Project Involvement